On behalf of the organizing committee, we would like to invite you to participate in the 3rd International Workshop on Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring (NILM), which will be held in Vancouver, Canada from May 14 to 15, 2016. This year's venue will be the beautiful mountaintop campus of Simon Fraser University (SFU) which is located in the neighbouring municipality of Burnaby.

NILM (or disaggregation) is a growing research field which began in 1985 with a report written by George W. Hart (MIT) for Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI). NILM is used to discern what electrical loads (e.g., appliances) are running within a home/building using only the aggregate power meter. Why? To help occupants understand how they and their appliance use energy so that they could conserve to either save money, the environment, or both.

The mission of this workshop is to create a forum that can unite all the researchers, practitioners, and students that are working on the topic of energy disaggregation. The main objective of this event is to review the main types of approaches that have been explored to date to solve the problem of electricity disaggregation, and to then discuss possible paths forward knowing what has been tried and what has yet to be experimented. We also intend to have a group discussion about possible solutions to the growing need for standardized datasets and performance metrics that can allow the field to move forward, as well as possible areas of collaboration among different research groups.

We encourage authors to submit papers on research that is ongoing or contains recent results: as the workshop will only include online proceedings, submission to the workshop will not prevent any material from being submitted later to a journal or conference. Authors of original paper submissions may be invited to submit their paper to a Special Issue of the journal Energy and Buildings for further consideration. There will be an award given for best paper. Finally, you do not have to submit a paper to attend the workshop — just come and network with others! We are looking forward to welcoming you to NILM 2016 in Vancouver.

Stephen Makonin
Workshop General Chair


  • General Chair

    Stephen Makonin, Simon Fraser University

  • Technical Program Chair

    Oliver Parson, British Gas Connected Home

  • Registration Chair

    Bradley Ellert, Simon Fraser University

  • Local Welcoming Chair

    Andrew Berrisford, BC Hydro

  • Steering Committee

    Mario Berges, Carnegie Mellon University
    J. Zico Kolter, Carnegie Mellon University
    Oliver Parson, British Gas Connected Home
    Stephen Makonin, Simon Fraser University
    Jack Kelly, Imperial College
    Nipun Batra, IIIT Delhi

  • Technical Program Committee

    Sean Barker, Bowdoin College
    Md. Zulfiquar Ali Bhotto, Simon Fraser University
    Nipun Batra, IIIT Delhi
    Mario Berges, Carnegie Mellon University
    Kyle Bradbury, Duke University
    Hsueh-Hsien Chang, Jin-Wen University of Science and Technology
    Bradley Ellert, Simon Fraser University
    Jingkun Gao, Carnegie Mellon University
    Manoj Gulati, IIIT Delhi
    Sidhant Gupta, Microsoft Research
    Zhenyu Guo, Sengled
    Milan Jain, IIIT Delhi
    Jack Kelly, Imperial College
    Alex Leontitsis, British Gas Connected Home
    Jing Liao, University of Strathclyde
    Wenpeng Luan, China EPRI
    Lucas Pereira, Madeira-ITI
    Alex Rogers, University of Oxford
    Karim Said Barsim, Universitat Stuttgart
    Shima Shojae, University of British Columbia
    Guoming Tang, University of Victoria
    Akshay Uttama Nambi, TUDelft
    Mingjun Zhong, University of Edinburgh


  • Paper Submission Due (view call): March 15
  • Notification of Acceptance: April 10
  • Final Paper Due: April 24
  • Registration Deadline: May 1
  • Workshop Held On: May 14-15


Lyn Bartram
Lyn Bartram Saturday: Visualizing NILM
George W. Hart
George W. Hart Sunday: Life After NILM


Stephen Makonin
Stephen Makonin Morning: Welcome Address


TimeTopicPresentation Details
Sat, May 14
9:00 am
Registration & Breakfast
9:40 amDay 1 Welcome Address by Stephen Makonin (Simon Fraser University) & Andrew Berrisford (BC Hydro)
10:00 amEnergy AnalyticsNILM: Vehicle or Destination?
by Bruce Townson (Ecotagious)
Crowdsourcing Appliance Labels for Energy Disaggregation
by Vivek Garud (Bidgely )
Topic Discussion chaired by Mario Berges (Carnegie Mellon University) — incl. short health break
11:00 amKeynote: Personal Energy Analytics: Successes, failures and challenges by Lyn Bartram (Simon Fraser University)
12:00 noonLunch Break
1:00 pmValue PropositionDoes disaggregated electricity feedback reduce domestic electricity consumption? A systematic review of the literature
by Jack Kelly, William Knottenbelt (Imperial College)
Exploring The Value of Energy Disaggregation Through Actionable Feedback
by Nipun Batra, Amarjeet Singh (IIIT Delhi); Kamin Whitehouse (University of Virginia)
A Test of Commercially Available Products for Estimating End Uses from Smart Meter Data v
by M. Baker, G. Hicks, S. Rodriguez (SBW Consulting); M. Fuller (Pacific Gas and Electric Company)
Topic Discussion chaired by Manoj Gulati (IIIT Delhi) — incl. short health break
2:20 pmIndustry &
Power Utilities
Q&A Discussion Panel of Invited Panelists hosted by Claude Godin (DNV-GL )
Panel Members: Chris Homes (EPRI), Wenpeng Luan (China EPRI), Bill Bush (Enetics), Katie Russell (ONZO)
3:20 pmAfternoon Coffee/Tea Break
3:40 pmApplicationsHow well can HMM model load signals
by Lukas Mauch, Karim Said Barsim, Bin Yang (University of Stuttgart)
Creating a Detailed Energy Breakdown from just the Monthly Electricity Bill
by Nipun Batra, Amarjeet Singh (IIIT Delhi); Kamin Whitehouse (University of Virginia)
Disaggregation of space heating and water heating from real life 10-minute load curves
by Romain Benassi (HomePulse )
Neural Network Ensembles to Real-time Identification of Plug-level Appliance Measurements
by Karim Said Barsim, Lukas Mauch, Bin Yang (University of Stuttgart)
Topic Discussion chaired by Kyle Bradbury (Duke University) — incl. short health break
5:20 pmPoster CelebrationPoster Lightning Talks chaired by Oliver Parson (British Gas Connected Home)
Poster Session Walkabout (posters will be displayed outside the theatre in IRMACS)
6:30 pmWorkshop Social & Reception (everyone walks to Big Smoke Burger)
TimeTopicPresentation Details
Sun, May 15
9:00 am
Registration & Breakfast
9:40 amDay 2 Welcome Address by Stephen Makonin (Simon Fraser University)
10:00 amData & DatasetsPecan Street's Dataport
by Grant Fisher (Pecan Street )
Handling Imperfections in Energy Disaggregation
by Angshul Majumdar, Megha Gupta, Manoj Gulati (IIIT Delhi)
Topic Discussion chaired by Nipun Batra (IIIT Delhi) — incl. short health break
11:00 amKeynote: Life After NILM by George W. Hart (Stony Brook University)
12:00 noonLunch Break
1:00 pmMeters & HardwareThe RIVA Meter and Platform
by Robert Sonderegger (Itron )
The Sense energy monitor: real-time load disaggregation using signals with high time
by Etienne Barnard (Sense )
Topic Discussion chaired by Jack Kelly (Imperial College) — incl. short health break
2:00 pmAlgorithms, Part 1The Neural Energy Decoder: Energy Disaggregation by Combining Binary Subcomponents
by Henning Lange, Mario Berges (Carnegie Mellon University)
Non-Intrusive Appliance Load Identification with the Ensemble of Classifiers
by Piotr Bilski, Wieslaw Winiecki (Warsaw University of Technology)
A Fully Unsupervised Appliance Modelling Framework for NILM
by Bo Liu, Yixin Yu (Tianjin University); Wenpeng Luan (China EPRI)
3:00 pmAfternoon Coffee/Tea Break
3:20 pmAlgorithms, Part 2An Active Learning Framework for Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring
by Xin Jin (National Renewable Energy Laboratory)
Detecting IT and Lighting loads using Common Mode Conducted EMI Signals best paper
by Manoj Gulati, Shobha Sundar Ram, Angshul Majumdar, Amarjeet Singh (IIIT Delhi)
Greedy Deep Disaggregating Sparse Coding
by Shikha Singh, Manoj Gulati, Angshul Majumdar (IIIT Delhi)
Topic Discussion (Parts 1 & 2) chaired by Alex Leontitsis (British Gas Connected Home) & Guoming Tang (University of Victoria)
4:40 pmClosing & Best Paper Award by Stephen Makonin — Workshop Officially Ends at 5:00pm


The NILM 2016 will be help at the beautiful SFU Burnaby Mountain Campus (the only mountain top campus in North America) at the IRMACS Centre which is located at the top level of the Applied Sciences Building, room ASB 10900 (see on-campus directions and campus map). All prices below are in CAD$.

Transit: This map shows the transit route from the airport (YVR) to SFU which costs around $8 one way.

Taxi Service & Car Rental: An approximate 45-minute ride from YVR to SFU which can cost around $65 one way (more info). Car rental services are also available at YVR.

Accommodations: While attending the workshop you can stay on-campus for $39 per night. Reserve your room online at SFU Guest Accommodations under the NILM 2016 booking option.